Kolkuós í Skagafirði

Njóttu lífsins á einstökum stað!


Kolkuós is the shortened name of the trading post Kolbeinsárós, which is situated at the mouth of the rivers Kolka and Hjaltadalsá. It was the main trading harbour for the area at the time of Iceland’s settlement. The nearby bishopric of Hólar used Kolkuós for the import and export of goods until after the Reformation in the 16th century. Thus Kolkuós became a gateway for relations between the bishopric and foreign lands. Just prior to the Reformation a log church or chapel is believed to have been raised by merchants in Kolkuós, the only one of its kind in Iceland.

Kolkuos-01By the turn of the 17th century, Hofsós had replaced Kolkuós as a main trading port. Trading was revived at Kolkuós in 1881, when it became a registered trading harbour. By the turn of the 19th century there were four general shops in Kolkuós, all owned by merchants from nearby Sauðárkrókur who had opened outlets on the site.

There were no permanent residents in Kolkuós until 1891, when a married couple and their children settled there for several years before emigrating to North America. In 1901 another couple settled in Kolkuós and opened a shop, heralding in an era of prosperity. In 1904 a residential house was built, which still stands. That house has now been restored and renovated to offer luxurious accommodation to visitors to Kolkuós.

The Horses


Kolkuós is one of the best-known locations in the history of horse breeding in Iceland. The Book of Settlements tells of a ship loaded with livestock arriving in Kolkuós. Among the animals was the mare Fluga, which was considered “the fastest of all horses”. That mare later gave birth to a foal that was given the name Eiðfaxi, which became renowned far and wide. Horse breeding in Kolkuós began in the first years of the 20th century and from the beginning the horses were known for their exceptional qualities.

Several of the best breeding horses in Iceland in the early 20th century hailed from Kolkuós. Horse breeding was practiced by one family during most of the 20th century, but when farming was discontinued in the area in 1984, horses from Kolkuós became scattered throughout Iceland. Since that time there has been no organised breeding of horses in Kolkuós.


The reconstruction of the residential house in Kolkuós has been underway for the last several years.
We are proud to say that the reconstruction and restoration is now completed, and the house is available for rent.


Overnight accommodation began to be offered in the old residential house at Kolkuós in June 2014. The house has been fully reconstructed, with special emphasis given to maintaining its original external appearance. Inside it now contains luxurious accommodation, incorporating four double rooms with bath, a living room, dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen.

The house is available for short-term rentals, either individual rooms or the entire house. The rooms are spacious, bright and well appointed, with ensuite bath. Breakfast is included in the accommodation price.




Kolkuós is well situated in the centre of north Iceland. It is an excellent base for exploring the northern part of the country, from Mývatn in the east, to the Húnavatnssýsla district in the west. The town of Sauðárkrókur, with its shops and services, is a mere 20-minute drive away. The historic bishopric of Hólar is only 15 minutes away, as is the town of Hofsós, with its eternity pool that is one of the most popular pools in Iceland. Hofsós is also home to the restaurant Sólvík and the Icelandic Emigration Center. Various leisure activities are offered in the area, including horse rental, sea angling, bird watching, seal spotting, hiking and nature tours.

Nature and surroundings
The natural surroundings at Kolkuós are exceptionally beautiful. The residential building is sheltered by a high gravel bank to the south, and has the trout fishing river Kolka on its northern side. There is a stunning view of the mountains, and of Drangey island and Þórðarhöfði promontory. A small islet, Elínarhólmi, is located just offshore at the mouth of the Kolka river, and is home to nesting eider ducks.

Birds abound in Kolkuós. Among the species found are graylag, pink-footed goose, many types of ducks, swan, oystercatcher, redshank, phalarope, ringed plover, godwit, sandpiper, snipe, arctic tern, cormorant, many types of seagulls, meadow pipit, snow bunting, redwing, ptarmigan, wagtail, wheatear, wren, golden plover, whimbrel, arctic skua, short-eared owl and falcon.


Kolkuós is located on the eastern side of Skagafjörður fjord, halfway between Hofsós and Sauðárkrókur.
It takes approximately 15 minutes to drive there.



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